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Cavite Province Latest News: "Librarian Associations Hold Seminar on IFLA/FAIFE Internet Manifesto"

[taken from the Cavite Provincial Government Website]

The Cavite Librarians Association headed by Ms. Sonia Gementiza, in cooperation with the International Federation of Librarians Association (IFLA) Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) held an IFLA/FAIFE Internet Manifesto Trainers Workshop at the New Session Hall, Legislative Building in Trece Martires City last July 31, 2009 with a theme: "Revolutionizing Information: A Seminar Workshop on IFLA/FAIFE Internet Manifesto.

In general, manifesto’s described shared values, principles of performance and a vision of best practice. In the case of Internet Manifesto which was endorsed by IFLA in 2002, the values concerned relate to the preservation of the freedom of access to information on the internet.

Marcial Batiancila, President of the Philippine Librarians Association, Inc. -Southern Tagalog Librarian Council (PLAI-STRLC) who lectured on the topic IFLA-FAIFE AND INTERNET MANIFESTO, AN OVERVIEW explained that the said Manifesto was created out of a perceived need for a document that brought the traditional library values of freedom of expression and freedom of access to information into the age of the internet. "It is a document that reaffirms the library profession's commitment to these values and their importance in all of the services that libraries can provide", explained Batiancila.

According also to Batiancila, the IFLA Internet Manifesto was built on the foundation of Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , and that it stresses that library users have the right to expect the same degree of freedom of expression and freedom of access to information on the internet as they do with print materials. "This document concerned with updating the fundamental ideals of the library profession for the internet age" added Batiancila.

Other resource speakers namely Ms. Sonia M. Gementiza, Director of the De La Salle University -Dasmariñas (DLSU) who spoke on the topic "Implementing the Internet Manifesto & Current Role of the Internet in the Philippine Libraries Scenarios and Trends", Atty. Jordan Teano, Clerk of Court of the Regional Trial Court Branch in Cavite City who tackled the topic "Laws and Policies Regulating Information Technology in the Philippines” and Ms. Audrey Anday, University Librarian of the University of the Philippines Open University who lectured on the subject "How to Write an Internet Use Policies".

Ms. Milagros Pangilinan, Provincial Librarian and Ms. Connie Villanueva, vice-president of the Cavite Librarians Association, Inc. (CLASSI) led the awarding of Certificates of Appreciation to the resource speakers.

Ms. Jenny U. Cruz, secretary of CLASS, Inc. acted as master of ceremonies.

CLASS, Inc. Holds 1st IFLA-FAIFE IM Cascading in the Province of Cavite

[from the Chapter report of Ms. Sonia M. Gementiza, President, Cavite Librarians Association, Inc on the 1st Cascading Project of IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto with the theme "Revolutionizing Information : A Seminar-Workshop on IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto" on July 31, 2009 at the New Legislative Building, Cavite Provincial Capitol, Trece Martires City, Cavite. Also, for the video of the said event, please click here]


The PLAI-Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council (PLAI-STRLC) conducted a round table discussion on IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto on May 29-30, 2009 in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro in response with the IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto Train the Trainers workshop Project Philippines 2009 last April 27-28, 2009 which was attended by the Regional Council Presidents who were tasked to cascade the project in the regional level.

With that, the PLAI STRLC conducted a two day seminar workshop on IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto on June 25-26, 2009 which was held at La Sallette Retreat Center, Biga. Silang Cavite. This two day seminar workshop was attended by twenty professional librarians participants which from the province of Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Quezon.

During the workshop, the Cavite Librarians Association Inc. officers agreed to schedule the cascading of the IFLA-FAIFE Internet manifesto in the province of Cavite on July 31, 2009 at the New Session Hall, Legislative Building, Trece Martires City.

Description of the Programme

It was a one day activity which aimed at training the library personnel on the emerging role of Internet in today’s information environment and also to implement the IFLA-FAIFE at the provincial level.

Opening Ceremonies

The program started with a prayer and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem followed by the Cavite Hymn The participants are welcomed by Mr. Jose R. de Castro Sr. (Cavite Provincial Sangunian Secretary) and this was followed by the presentation of the rational of the project by Mr. Marcial Batiancila (President, PLAI-STRLC).

Session & Workshop

The participants attentively listened to the topic presented as follows:

1. Laws and Policies Regulating Internet Access in the Philippines
2. IFLA-FAIFE and the Internet Manifesto : Am Overview
3. Implementing the Internet Manifesto
4. The Current Role of Internet in the Philippines Libraries : Scenarios and Trends
5. How to Write an Internet Use Policies

The participants of the seminar actively participate & appreciate the workshop where the output of each group was presented and discussed by the assigned group leaders. The participants also agreed in the adoption of the Internet use policy that was revised andpresented by Ms. Audrey Anday. Each group created and suggested rules and regulations that is more applicable in the institution that they belong. They are also suggested the cascading in the institutional level.

Profile of the Participants & Resource Speakers

There were 56 attendees composed of librarians, teacher librarians and other library personnel in the province of Cavite. There are also two participants coming from the Province of Batangas.

The resource speakers/trainers were : Mr. Marcial Batiancila, President, PLAI-STRLC; Ms. Sonia M. Gementiza, President, CLASS Inc. & Auditor of PLAI-STRLC; Atty Jordan Teaño of Regional Trial Court, Trece Martires City and Ms. Audrey Anday, Vice President of PLAI-STRLC.

The Proceedings of the Cascading at the Province of Cavite

During the seminar-workshop in the provincial level, Ms. Sonia Gementiza shared with the participants that there is already one library in the town of Dasmarinas that provided free internet facilities for the students and other constituents of the town who would like to avail the internet services. This project was initiated by the former Mayor now a congressman Atty. Elpidio Barzaga. He proposed the construction of a three storey library building (Pambayang Aklatan ng Dasmarinas) in Brgy. Burol Dasmarinas Cavite in 2004. The 3rd floor of that building is dedicated for internet section where he initially get donation of computers to different sector. When he became a congressman, he coordinated with Mayor Jennifer Barzaga to continue the project and he provided 69 computer units with LCD monitor coming from his pork barrel. The congressmen and the municipality of Dasmarinas headed by Mayor Jenny Barzaga also coordinated with the principal of eight National High School in Dasmarinas to provide free computer training program for the public school students which includes the use of internet. The library is open from Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00p.m.

During the group discussion it was also raised by the participants the sustainability of the free internet use to all users if they will not charge any fee from the user especially in the private sector. Their concern includes the maintenance like electricity, monthly charges on internet connection and maintenance of computer units and its operation. The participants also agreed that the possibility of providing free internet access especially if there is support coming from the government or local officials of the municipality.

Administration of the Questionnaire & Training-Workshop Evaluation

The Questionnaire to Asses Internet Use and Policies were distributed to the participants during the training- workshop. The data gathered will serve as the baseline data from the province of Cavite and will be the basis in developing training program at the provincial level.

STRLC IFLA/FAIFE Internet Manifesto Regional Cascading

The Philippine Librarians Association Inc. - Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council (PLAI-STRLC) is hosting the IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto Trainers Workshop Project in the Philippines 2009 with the theme: “Revolutionizing Information: A Seminar-Workshop on IFLA/FAIFE Internet Manifesto” on June 25-26, 2009 at La Salette Retreat House, Biga, Silang, Cavite.
The objective of this workshop is to disseminate and train librarians on the emerging role of Internet in today’s information revolution and also to implement the IFLA-FAIFE Internet Manifesto at the regional level.

The topics include: IFLA-FAIFE and Internet Manifesto: An Overview, Implementing the Internet Manifesto, The Current Role of Internet in Philippine Libraries: Scenarios and Trends, Laws and Policies Regulating Internet Access in the Philippines and How to Write an Internet Use Policies.

For details, please visit PLAI-Southern Tagalog Region Librarians Council's page.

2009 Summer-Workshop on Basic Library Management Series 3

The Cavite Librarians Association, Inc. conducted a 3-day Seminar-Workshop on "Basic Library Management" on May 26-28, 2008 at the Old Session Hall of Cavite Provincial Capitol, Trece Martires City, Cavite.

It aimed to enhance the teachers-librarian and other library personnel’s technical skills on basic library management in school libraries which includes the following topic: cataloging & classifying of library materials, reference & information services for school library, library instruction for teacher librarian, managing school libraries and library automation.

Take a glimpse on the said event, click here >>>>>>

CLASS, Inc. 2009 - 2010 Officers

Sonia M. Gementiza / DLSU-Dasmariñas

Concepcion P. Villanueva / Cavite Provincial Library

Jennifer U. Cruz / University of Perpetual Help

Eugene C. Kamantigue / Imus Institute

Esmeralda R. Vinzon / National College of Science and Technology

Reden M. Cruzado / San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Cavite

Marcial R. Batiancila / San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Cavite